Bright Now!

Bright Now!

 It is that time of year again. The sun has begun to shine and the weather is slowly warming up. Finally, Spring Fashion is within our reach and many of us are patiently waiting to go into our closets and do a much needed “Wardrobe Detox.” Out with the old and in with the NEW!

This past Thursday morning at Belk at the Summit, Arlene Goldstein, V.P. of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction for Belk, Inc., made another flawless appearance as she walked in wearing her signature colors, black and grey, paired with tights and black-wedged boots and of course let’s not forget her fabulous fur coat.

Many bloggers, stylists and reporters for newspapers and magazines in the Birmingham-Metro area gathered to watch Arlene present the Must-Haves for Spring 2012.

Spring 2012 Style Statements

  • 70’s Glam (Think: fluid silks, satin, sheers and openwork to offer an element of couture allure.)
  • American Originals (Think: banding, high waists, bare shoulders, release pleats and longer lengths.)
  • Shape-Shift ( Think: highly sophisticated optics, over-the-top stripes and color blocking.)
  • So Pretty (Think: handcrafted touches, tonal embroideries, corsage embellishments and lace.)

Spring 2012 Must-Haves

All of the clothes that were shown were amazing. The only downside is I wish I could have all of it. Every Season Arlene comes up with a list of the 10 must-haves for the season. This way, when you go shopping you now have a list which will ensure you have a fabulous wardrobe, instead of being overwhelmed with everything. This season the list consists of the boxy top, color-block, colored bottom, the fashion wedge, the long skirt, the new cardi, open work, statement necklaces, the striped dress and of course Arlene’s favorite: wide-Leg pants.


Now that you know the Hot Trends for Spring Fashion, go out and start building your new Spring Wardrobe!