How Data Visuals Can Help Your Brand’s Social Marketing…

Need some help visualizing how well your brand is engaging online? Our staff has become huge fans of infographics for data visualization. We recently came across a fun tool called that allows us to create various custom visuals for information and education purposes.

As you can see below, we wanted to chart the recent social media engagement of our client Mentone Springs Hotel. After looking at our Facebook page stats, we have learned a few things about our audience.

1. Women are huge storytellers for our brand. With Mentone Springs Hotel being a destination, it’s natural for more women to want to share with their friends about travel destinations or trips they enjoy. 

2. Our audience is at an age where they can afford to travel more and are actively looking for news and information regarding new travel spots. 

3. Our audience helps our content to grow more viral. They are essentially doing the advertising for us so it doesn’t make sense to increase online ad spending.  Instead, we need to continue to focus on good content creation that educates, informs and entertains. 



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