Balancing Professional & Personal Personas

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If balance is the key to life, how do you balance your professional and personal lives? The transparent nature of social media often causes problems in the workplace and in your social life. Taking from our experiences as employed, social beings we’ve compiled…

5 Tips to Manage Professional and Personal Personas:

1.      Don’t underestimate consequences of social media posts.

Jokes can have professional ramifications. Sure, you may think it’s funny to tag “Brittney” in highlights from her bachelorette party, but would you show that photo (the one you’re thinking of right now) to Brittney’s boss… or worse, her mother? Hopefully, not. Give a second thought to what you post about yourself and others.

2.      Remember your audience. Who can see your posts?

With ever-changing privacy setting, occasionally remind yourself not only what individuals can see your posts, but what networks can see you posts. 6-degrees of separation could lead to uncomfortable online temperatures. Keep yourself out of hot water while addressing controversial topics by respecting others’ viewpoints. You have a diverse social media audience, respect others’ opinions and they’re more likely to respect yours.

3.      Take it easy on self-promotion.

We all love getting a gold star for a job well done. Gold stars are special if they are occasional and rare – not everyday for mundane things like “I washed my car today” or “Little Johnny ate his vegetables.” If you do invite friends and followers to give you a pat-on-the back, keep the social media platform in mind. Which leads us to Tip #4 . . .

4.      Keep the audience and purpose of each social media platform in mind while posting.

You wouldn’t post a picture of you’re latest meal on LinkedIn or put an album of photos on Twitter, right? Each social media channel is tailored for a different audience and purpose. Be mindful of this and it will be easier to reach your desired audience and successfully maintain social and professional personas.

 5.      Content is key.

The big key, the one that locks and unlocks things. Professionally, providing good content and participating in “the conversation” humanizes your brand, helps to develop relationships and enhances credibility. Personally, it can have similar effects. Creating or taking in online content allows us to interact with friends and maintain relationships, entertains and provides talking points for seeing acquaintances at the grocery store.

Don’t let these tips discourage you from using social media. It’s great! When it comes to good posts and content, keep this in mind: If you find it interesting, others probably will too. If you don’t . . . then maybe don’t tell us that you can only find one sock.

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