3 Ways to Make Your Brand Something People Root For

Image courtesy of Goop
Image courtesy of Goop

Yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation via Goop. If you’re like me, then you noticed it was trending on Facebook, your friends shared links and you internally screamed an echoing “No!”

Why do we care?

I’ve never met these people. I’m an average Coldplay fan. I enjoyed Shallow Hal. Why root for this couple? I care because through the magic of mass media, this couple became a brand. The “brand” of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sold the dream of a fairy-tale romance. Two, well-known, talented individuals came together before our eyes, developing in real-time – a story woven together by paparazzi images, and our own assumptions due to media framing.

How can I make my brand something people root for?

1.) Trust. Consumers have to “buy in” to what your saying and believe you.

We wanted Gwyneth and Chris to work because we believed their love was “real.” It wasn’t part of a promotional stunt, they built a family and seemed to be happy. We, the consumers, believed this. It seemed like an honest relationship with values we could connect with.

2.) Provide value to the customers. Make them happy.

Your organization must provide something of value or benefit the lives of the consumer. Celebrity relationships give us that feel-good feeling and reaffirm beliefs in a happily ever after. What do you do to make consumers happy? What value are you providing?

3.) Open communication.

This may sound odd since many successful celeb couples are not open about their private lives. However, through pictures and televised events, we watch their story unfold. –This is even more powerful – we create an unfolding love story in our minds. We want to believe the fairy tale. Let your consumers in on the story, let them relate to your fairy tale.

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