5 on the Rise: Social Media Networks to Increase Brand Awareness and Build Audiences

Panorama Life & Style connects and increases brand awareness of clients on multiple levels. Adapting to new networks and platforms keep us connected, involved and actively achieving the goals of our client’s.

Here are 5 Social Media networks you might want to take for a spin.

1.  Medium Created by the same people responsible for Twitter and Blogger, Medium finds a pleasing middle ground between the two and is “focused on keeping you focused.”  From professional to personal, anyone can share ideas or stories with a simplistic approach.  Whether you are seeking business advice or sharing personal experience, Medium helps you find your audience in a collaborative way.

2. Chirpify Leveraging social media as a way to promote and sell products has been made even easier with Chirpify. Consumers are able to create a Chirpify account and start shopping. Brands and networks use Chirpify’s Social Conversion Platform to kick-start their marketing by “enabling consumers to use #actiontags for instant conversion via social channels.”

3. Sina Weibo Feeling bold? Known as the Twitter of China, Sina Weibo has twice as many users as Twitter. According to TechInAsia.com, Weibo users are mostly found across the richer coastal areas of China and hi-tech manufacturing hubs. Many large American brands and celebrities have adopted the site as one of their social networks. Although Sina Weibo is developed in Mandarin Chinese, there are sites that help brands translate and post, such as Transfluent.

4. deviantArt DeviantArt is the largest social media network for artists and has over 30 million registered users. Using images within content is a great way to capture the attention of a brand’s audience and develop diversity among the audience. DeviantArt experiences 160,000 original art uploads per day. Content writers are certain to find a creative image to help a post go viral.

5. Twlyah Identify brand identity, measure brand pages and grow your audience by improving brand awareness on Twitter. Twylah provides Brand Builder to analyze your Twitter’s effectiveness and tracks topic reactions. Choose goals, measure reception, set a course. Plant these three seeds and brand awareness is sure to grow.

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