Twitter Chats: The Modern Chat Room That Boosts Your Brand

Television shows often encourage viewers to live Tweet a specific hashtag while watching. This is a Twtter or Tweet Chat, a conversation built around a specific hashtag. Aside from connecting with other Walking Dead or Scandal enthusiasts, Twitter Chats are a great tool to enhance your brand. Here’s how your brand can use Twitter Chat:

Gauge Public Opinion

What makes Twitter chats different that everyday Twitter is the real-time element. Chats have a start and end time. You can see what discussions individuals are having about a certain topic instantly. Are audiences enjoying the twists and turns of a series? What questions do people have about an illness or disorder? Think of it as an online focus group.

Connect With Like-Minded Users

On social media, we want to interact and engage with one another. Twitter chats, much like the topic-specific chat rooms of the ’90s are a place to locate individuals with interests matching yours. This can be used to find and gain high-quality followers for your brand and to see what others in your field are doing.

Build Credibility

There are different ways to be involved in a Twitter Chat; you can be a 1) Host 2) Guest Moderator or 3) Participant. All of these boost your credibility by presenting you as an expert. These are great opportunities to share and showcase your knowledge or thoughts on a topic and really engage with other users.

At Panorama, we love to participate in Webinair Twitter Chats to build relationships with other communicators. Has your brand had success hosting a Twitter Chat? Who are some of your favorite guest moderators? Please comment below and share with us how you have used or now plan to use this valuable tool.

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