5 Divergent “Factions” PR Practitioners Must Follow

divergent definitionMuch like the plot of Divergent, Public Relations has strategic plans involving a “divide and conquer” tactic. The society created in Divergent is forced to divide into one of the five different factions. As PR practitioners, we must encompass all five qualities to preserve the peace and keep moving forward. We are like Divergents—we do not fit the mold. We exhibit all 5 factions because without all of them working together, we would not be successful.


1. Abnegation – The Selfless: We put our clients first. There is no issue too big or small that we will not resolve. We will go to great lengths to do so. We want to tell YOUR story.


2. Candor – The Honest: Good character is the beating heart of PR practice. It’s the way we form relationships and maintain ethical value. Credible words are the visceral strength that guide us.


3. Amity – The Peaceful: In a crisis, we are the calm after or during the storm. Dealing with media, we provide the do’s and don’t of talking points. Creating strategy, we collaborate and find a strong common ground that is best fit for the client.


4. Erudite – The Intelligent: We are resourceful. We adapt and apply the newest tools and techniques. We meet deadlines and measure your business growth.


5. Dauntless – The Brave: Whether we are dealing with crisis management or press conference, we are on the front lines with you–fighting the mighty fight. We are bold. We think outside the box.


In the end, aren’t all of us Divergent? Would you walk in lock stop to society’s expectations? We choose to use all of our resources and strengths. Not just one.

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