Panorama Hired by JTI Companies to Postition Brand in New Niche

perez art museum hanging garden
Perez Art Museum hanging garden

Panorama Life & Style PR has been engaged as the PR firm of record JTI Companies, Inc., to launch a bold new brand identity around several key projects, including the “hanging gardens” of the Perez Art Museum Miami; the Visitor Center Fountain, in Brooklyn, NY; and Moody Gardens Aquatic Pyramid in Galveston, TX. JTI hopes to continue to build architectural marvels, challenging clients to “build to be remembered.”

“JTI Companies has undergone an incremental evolution, from strictly fiberglass material consulting, to fabrication of various materials, and to now being involved in entire projects, from plans to finished products,” said President Jason Brough. “Panorama was chosen for its national and international connections and the experience we needed from a PR firm—and we’re already reaping benefits.”

JTI sought a public relations firm that could launch its new brand identity. Panorama was chosen for past experience with both heavy industrial firms and aesthetic lifestyle brands.

“Our branding and subsequent media campaign has already yielded results for JTI in terms of media exposure, industry recognition, and even business opportunities,” said Chief Operating Officer Jodie James. “JTI recently received international recognition from Architizer for their work on the vertical gardens at Perez Art Museum Miami.”

About Panorama Life and Style PR

Panorama Life and Style PR, the brand engagement division of PPR Communications, strategically positions our clients to meaningfully engage with their target consumer. Our capabilities include a balanced platform of marketing strategy, digital and social media, content creation, editorial planning, product placement and executive media tours and training. The result is a purpose-built approach based specifically on the needs of our clients, not the limitations of a traditional agency. Panorama Life & Style PR works with large retailers and grocers, food and beverage manufacturers, real estate developers, architects, home and fashion designers, jewelers, beauty and fragrance manufacturers, boutique hotel properties, and unique, environmentally-focused spas and travel destinations. Founded in 1998, the firm is based in Birmingham, Ala.

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