Which Festival is Right for Your Brand Sponsorship?

This time of year, there’s an event for everything from ice cream and rock music to tacos and technology. Choosing a festival for your company to support can be a difficult process. Here are a few questions you should ask before becoming a sponsor of any event:

Why Sponsor?

The simple answer: to be seen. Aligning with an event generates brand awareness and familiarity. Ideally, event goers will reflect back to the incredible time they had at the festival, associate your name with feel-good nostalgia and then want to buy your product. The bottom line is that in order for consumers to buy your product, they need to know who you are. Sponsorships provide visibility and awareness.

Where is the money going?

This is arguably the most important factor in deciding whether or not to sponsor. Most festivals support one or multiple causes. Choose an event that matches your own philanthropic outreach or brand values. By doing so, you bring awareness to both your brand and something you care about. Sponsorships can be expensive, know where your money is going and the good it’s doing.

What do you enjoy?

You’ve decided to sponsor something. You’ve narrowed the list down to events that support causes important to you. Which do you choose? Choose something you like. Festivals are meant to be fun. If you’re going to attend, then you should enjoy it too.

Enjoy the sunshine, support a great cause, and rock out.

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