Panorama Life & Style PR Client Caroline’s Cart Takes Off in North America

It all began with a mom’s passionate desire to be able to take her child with multiple handicaps grocery shopping and a serendipitous meeting with Panorama CEO, Darlene Rotch.


“The moment I met Drew Ann Long, I knew she was on to something,” said Rotch. “I also knew we had to connect with consumers to push grocers and retailers to provide Caroline’s Cart to parents with a special needs child.” Rotch continued, “We developed a strategy on a shoestring budget to engage these parents to carry our message—and it worked.”


Caroline’s Cart was recently licensed to Technibilt headquartered in Newton, NC, to manufacture, sell and distribute to customers worldwide. Technibilt is owned by The Wanzl group, headquartered in Leipheim, Germany. Wanzl is the world’s largest manufacturer of shopping carts and other retail systems.


Panorama harnessed the power of PR Newswire’s to distribute a national release with embedded video of Caroline in the cart with her mom in the grocery store This release drove inquiries to a media hotline. “We drove parents and caregivers of special needs children to Facebook,” said Rotch. “We knew that if we could connect with consumers, then their power would drive sales—and it did. “


“Within minutes of the news release and Times Square feature, we watched Facebook numbers multiply by leaps and bounds,” said Rotch. Today the site has over 12,000 friends and is still growing.



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