Can’t Afford a Full-fledged Philanthropy Campaign?

5 Things a Start-up Can Do to Make a Difference Without Spending a Dime

Giving back is always the right thing to do. But whether you’re a young company in start up mode, or an established company in start-over-mode, here’s a list of ideas to launch your giving initiative.


  1. 1. Volunteer your time: Yes, we know time is money and money is time, but giving a small amount of your personal time each month to help a non-profit answer phones, feed the hungry/homeless, or solve an IT problem, is worth every penny.


  1. 2. Lead by example: One of the best ways to develop the company culture you desire is to work for a common cause that helps fellow human beings. Engage your team in the process of identifying a cause everyone can get behind.


  1. 3. Serve on a board: Non – profits are always looking for new, young, talent. Don’t know anything about being on a board of directors? Find a cause you believe in and offer to organize a junior board of young professionals, who will assist in projects once a quarter like painting, cleaning, or doing whatever the organization needs.


  1. 4. Spearhead a food, toy, clothing or household goods drive in your building: Make it fun. Design the drive so companies compete. Get your local brewpub to co-sponsor an “awards” ceremony with your company to recognize companies who participated. Make it fun.


  1. 5. Organize your team to be part of a community volunteer program that hosts a Day of Giving: Most communities have a United Way or Community Foundation who seek volunteers once a year to do good deeds throughout the community.


Check out these resources for other ideas and to get you started.


In every community

Hungry/ Homeless

Tech related – Join Code for America

Ending Racism one person at a time

Help others learn to read – National Literacy Foundation


Toys for Tots

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Environment

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