Here’s All The Evidence You Need To Believe Mobile Video Is Surging

Shakira ActiviaMobile is now the future of digital advertising, and when it comes to mobile video, the numbers don’t lie.

According to ADWEEK, Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel has 423 million video views. That’s with an engagement rate of 2.6 percent. The Yahoo-owned mobile analytic tool Flurry reports that it serves”more than 100 million video ads every month via more than one billion devices around the world.”

Need more evidence that video is surging? Fox Sports digital reports that they’ve experienced a 90 percent jump in mobile traffic compared to last year. ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated also saw a massive jump in mobile football viewing.

The question is how to make mobile marketing work for your business. Facebook’s head of tech and telco marketing told the crowd at the Mobile First conference that mobile marketers are going to have to make things personal. It’s all about remembering to treat the consumer like a person.

“This is bringing people back,” said Jane Schachtel “This is making business personal again.”

Take a look at the  most shared online video of 2014. It’s Activia’s YouTube spot with Shakira. Released just before the World Cup started this past July, the spot instantly went viral. Why is that?

According to Direct Marketing News it’s all about good timing.

“This is a really big deal,” says Devra Prywes, VP of marketing and insight at Unruly, which sponsors the Viral Video Chart.

“Music videos are the most shared content, and the Activia video is a hybrid of an ad and a music video,” says Prywes. “If you’re tracking percentages between these ‘trackvertisements’—which are becoming very popular—and music videos, the social diffusion curve looks very similar. They share high at every level.”

Activia triumphed because they knew that highly shared videos and popular events, like the World Cup, go hand in hand. Not to mention the popularity of a worldwide popstar like Shakira. Activia most certainly did its research. They also figured out that music videos are one of the most-shared types of video content.

A pop star, plus a music video that acts as a commercial, plus a huge sporting event. This combination equaled a landslide win for the company in their attempt to gain conversions through mobile marketing.

Simply put, their approach was personalized and completely planned out.

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