Tips For Marketing In A Digital World

1. Be consistent: However you package your content, stay true to this form. Set design rules and stay within them. If you present your blog posts in a magazine-style spread with lots of photos and minimal words, do it and do it well. If you want to use a heavy filter on food photos, fine. Just do it the same way, every time.

2. Be visual: Put some thought into your typography choices. Fonts are an expressive and descriptive way to make visual statements with words. Choose one that matches the message you are trying to send.

Great photos never fail, and it’s true: data is beautiful. There’s an art to plugging numbers into a chart and making that chart expressive and enticing. Small, easy-to-swallow snippets of information are appealing to consumers these days, so remember to “draw out your data” for your next blog post. For more hints and tricks, read this post in Forbes’ about design. They guide you through the design process step by step.

3. Write a great story: Today’s consumer wants an authentic and transparent experience when making a purchase. What influences your company’s purchasing and production decisions? Your consumers want to know. If you do something for a good cause, even better. That’s a story everyone wants to hear. In this post,  Adage does a good job of explaining why philanthropy is the “new marketing.”

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