Travel, Retail and Media Surging In App Sales

travelappimageThere are over 5 million apps out there, and since Apple launched the App Store in 2008 the growth of apps has done nothing but rise. While gaming and social apps have led the pack for awhile, three new categories are seeing a huge rise in sales, downloads and engagements.


According to, “the travel, retail and entertainment industries are now contending for those spots and quickly becoming the new app store heavyweights.”


The Numbers

Mobile is set to account for one fourth of US online travel sales in 2015, to a tune of $40 billion in revenue. That means travel brands are investing a lot in mobile, and the reasons are clear. Apps are the easiest way to connect travelers with accommodations and transportation, not to mention restaurants and activities.


Revenue from US smartphone commerce is forecast to surge from $16 billion to $46 in 2018, according to Forrester Research. Retailers are using apps to drive consumers to the brick and mortar establishments by way of a trend called “showrooming”. That means customers are browsing products in stores and then purchasing them online. By offering lower prices via app shopping, successful retailers are reeling in the mobile sales.


It’s estimated that there will be 145 million TV viewers by the end of 2017. The entertainment industry is looking to mobile apps to connect and engage fan bases, as well as extend their viewing experiences. Just look at Netflix for an example. By giving viewers the opportunity to binge on their favorite shows, they are creating extended audiences and multiple advertising streams.


People are interacting with brands via mobile, and reaching consumers by way of apps is not going away. Let Life & Style PR show you how to leverage your brand’s audience through mobile applications. We carefully track the most effective mobile brand-positioning and advertising strategies to turn your audience into engaged consumers.



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