Author Chervis Isom signs with Panorama Life & Style PR for promotion of “The Newspaper Boy”

Birmingham, Alabama, January 1, 2015—Panorama Life & Style today announced that it will represent author Chervis Isom in the promotion of his book, The Newspaper Boy, his memoir, a story of a boy coming of age in Birmingham during the turbulent times of segregation and the Civil Rights Movement.


Isom’s story embraces the idea of better learning through community and storytelling. The bond he forged with his customers and acquaintances as a young newspaper boy helped expose Isom to a broader worldview. This exposure gave Isom the insight he is able to share today.


“I have always been an avid reader, “said Isom. “Even as a young boy, I knew that the written word could help me make sense of the world around me, no matter how confusing or polarizing it can be.”


Isom tells his story from the unique perspective of a young white boy growing up in the middle class neighborhood of Norwood, just blocks from where some of the most heinous acts upon humanity were committed during the Civil Rights Era. He reflects on his newspaper delivery route, the people on that route, and the community that impacted his life. It is a story that many can identify with.


“My story, like others who share my experiences of growing up in the epicenter of the Civil Rights movement, are stories that need to be shared and discussed within our communities. It’s the only way to strengthen the bonds we already have in place.”


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