What does customer loyalty mean to me?

Panorama Public Relations was founded 20 plus years ago. We were a small company in Huntsville, Alabama—and we will never forget our first clients. They made us what we are today. They trusted us; believed in us—believed in what we said and listened to our advice. Clients like Englehard Corporation—now, BASF; International Harvester—we learned a lot from them; Nucor Steel and many others.


loy·al·ty “a strong feeling of support or allegiance”


Sometimes we met in times of grief; a person critically injured on the job — or worse, a loss of life. A dear co-worker, killed on the job. How do you tell the family? What do you say to the media? They’re just doing their job — but the wrong thing said at the wrong time is often the opening statement in a court of law.

It’s clear to me that manufacturers are really good at what they do — and I have to tell you, I’m often in awe. I had a business editor say to me one time—”Darlene, I’ve never heard you so excited — and over catalytic converters.” Yep—every job was an opportunity to learn a clients’ business, and that, to me, is fascinating.

All of this to say – our loyalty never wavered. We sat on the sidelines and watched others in our business, take on competing companies. We never understood that. How could you work to make similar companies great? You can’t. We were always all “in” – or not at all.

This strategy paid off because, throughout our business cycle, 98% of our business has come from referrals and repeat business. That’s the loyalty pay-off.

When we become involved with a client’s issue, or crisis, or market share – we are all in. Not just a little bit. Not just dipping our toe in the water—we dive in and become immersed in every aspect where we are needed. Why? Because that is how you build relationships, trust, and loyalty.

We are deeply appreciative that we have been able to make a difference. And we thank you.